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Airdrop or Not Proposal

Airdrop or Not Event Proposal

SAFESTAR tokens airdrop to holders due to balance discrepancies

To make the network transaction fee as low as possible, the contract presale wallet was included into holder reward list. It caused to reward the presale wallet address as it wouldn’t be excluded since the network launch. So the address received 17 Trillion tokens taken from all holders. There is no way to get those tokens from presale contract address. To balance this out we want to do an airdrop (2% to each holders current holdings) to refund those tokens to all our holders

Every holder will get 2% of their current SafeStar holdings as an airdrop.

Example: If you hold 100 Billion SafeStar → 2 Billion will be airdropped in ur wallet


Status -

Author - Daddy.Elon

Start date -

End date -

Snapshot -

Voting eligibility - minimum required balance of 10,000,000,000 SAFESTAR

Voting currency - BNB. Average BSC network BNB transaction cost

Vote change - Yes. Submit new transaction.



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