USB migration

USB migration - unlock, swap, burn proposal

USB migration - unlock, swap, burn proposal

USB migration – unlock, swap, burn.
Hi all. Because our community demands to burn or take out as much as possible tokens from circulating supply I would like to propose USB(unlock, swap and burn) event when Pancake V1 liquidity pool will get unlocked on 21st of October.

Current state:

We have majority of Pancake V1 liquidity pool locked up until 21st of October. Majority pool means all liquidity except pre-sale collected funds(accounted for 100BNB).
V1 liquidity pool current funds:
– Total 3250BNB of which 100BNB presale collected and locked for another 5+ years and 3150BNB will be unlocked from 21st of October.
– 215trillion SAFESTAR.

Proposed strategy:

When V1 pool gets unlocked from 21st of October 115tr of SAFESTAR token will be burned immediately. Remaining 100tr of SAFESTAR token will be used for lottery prize fund.
Projected 3150BNB or amount at the unlock time will be used to make swaps at V2 pool in 3 segments each 33.3% of funds with 5 days interval. Example: on 21st amount 1050BNB taken from V1 pool will be used to perform swap on V2 pool for SAFESTAR token and SAFESTAR token immediately sent to burn address. That means 1050BNB will be added to V2 pool by making swap action and received SAFESTAR token will be burned immediately. After 5 days on 26th October we will perform same action by swapping another 33.3% of BNB funds(1050 BNB) and burning received SAFESTAR token immediately and follow same action again on 31st October.
This event will greatly reduce circulating supply by around 15% of total supply and essentially will be considered as Pancake pool migration from V1 to V2.

Alternatively V1 pool can be migrated to V2 pool by simply moving liquidity to V2 pool without swap and burn strategy as outline above.

Voting choices:

– USB migration
– Simple migration


Status -

Author - Daddy.Elon

Start date -

End date -

Snapshot -

Voting eligibility - minimum required balance of 1,000,000 SAFESTAR

Voting currency - BNB. Average BSC network BNB transaction cost

Vote change - Yes. Submit new transaction.



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