Delisting from Centralised Exchanges to gain value in protocol

Delisting from Centralised Exchanges proposal

Delisting from Centralised Exchanges to gain value in protocol proposal

In the beginning of this project to gain the momentum and increase awareness of this project we thought that it will be great idea to list SAFESTAR into as many exchanges as we can. Community was excited about it. However after every single listing all we have seen was a decrease in token value and we will try to explain you why. Whenever we list on exchange they get a hot wallet meaning that everyone who deposits or cashouts will be dealing that single wallet. Some exchanges charge 10% + other fees which doesn’t go through protocol. Meaning rewards does not reach all holders who are on pancake and part of fee doesn’t go to burn address. What does this mean in a long term? Slower burning mechanism, less rewards for holders. Benefits of delisting would increase burn process and holders would get more rewards. In the event we delist we would concentrate in listing ourselves on more decentralised exchanges instead of centralised exchanges where everyone would get more benefits as this was the way protocol was built.

Obviously what we think might not be the same as of what you think so we will do governance voting to decide.


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Author - Star Lover

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Voting eligibility - minimum required balance of 1,000,000 SAFESTAR

Voting currency - BNB. Average BSC network BNB transaction cost

Vote change - Yes. Submit new transaction.



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