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SAFESTAR tokens airdrop to holders instead of manual burn proposal

Hi all. I would like to propose to our community to have SAFESTAR token airdrop to our holders instead of token manual burns.

Please continue reading the details.

Current state:

Currently we are performing manual token burns when x amount of holders threshold is reached. So far our community liked this idea as token burn decrease the circulating supply hence put pressure on token demand in the future. However, token burns do not affect token price itself during burn event and burned tokens are burned forever.

I would like to propose to have token airdrop to holders instead of a burn as it would potentially increase real holders amount which could potentially have more pressure on token demand due to airdrop reward activity. However, there are also risks that all market sell after airdrop like we seen in the past with other tokens, however I would like to stress that with our future product development plans as SAFESTAR holder would benefit even more.

Proposed Airdrop strategy:

Airdrop to be performed when 5 trillion SAFESTAR token threshold met. Not limited to an amount and can be further discussed with community on threshold amount or potentially voted.

Number of holders to receive airdrop – top 1000 holders, excluding black hole address(0x000…xxxdead), exchange wallets, smart contracts, LP addresses and any other that is not qualified to be a holder. Why only top 1000 holders? Due to high gas fees BSC network has atm(~$5 per tx) we don’t see a point of spending more on gas fees than the actual airdrop amount value.

Airdrop amount per wallet is based on wallet’s SAFESTAR token percentage of all airdrop qualified wallets.


Status -

Author - Daddy.Elon

Start date -

End date -

Snapshot -

Voting eligibility - minimum required balance of 10,000,000,000 SAFESTAR

Voting currency - BNB. Average BSC network BNB transaction cost

Vote change - Yes. Submit new transaction.



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